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www.gemmaros.com had its start way back in 1995, when several native coal region friends "found" each other on the Internet and started communicating via email. Our messages soon became peppered with Coal Speak words and phrases. After all, that's how we talk.

Thus was born the Coal Speak dictionary. The dictionary was first posted to the web in January, 1997. The other sections of the website were posted later that year. We are extremely pleased with the success of www.gemmaros.com and the incredibly positive response we've received from our viewers.

www.gemmaros.com provides a venue in which current and former coal crackers can reminisce and pass on the unique heritage of the Coal Region. It serves as an archive for the more personal aspects of the region's culture, the kinds of things you don't see in history books. The website has also brought together many old friends, some of which had lost contact with each other years ago. These things are what make maintaining this site truly a joy. And the humor that people find in the site, well, that makes it all the more enjoyable.

Thanks very much to all our viewers. We really appreciate your continued support.