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Other Local Authors
Other books by Coal Region writers
  • by John R. Lindermuth
  • This novel about Capt. Isaac Schlussel, a coal entrepreneur in the early 19th century, reveals his history and his obsession with the beautiful woman who is both his wife and the unintentional source of his downfall. Written by a Shamokin native.
  • The Beer Drinkers Guide to Survival by Jeff Bonomo
  • Who better to write a paean to beer than a coal cracker? From Pardeesville, no less. Text from the back cover: "Beer! Delicious beer! It truly is the amber nectar of the gods. Within these pages you will find an overabundance of advice and commentary on how to get the most out of any beer drinking experience. Whether you are pounding down beers at a kegger in the woods or pushing through a crowded club, beer drinking shouldn’t be something you just do. "
  • Feet First by Walter A. Baran
  • The autobiography of Wally Baran, a coal region son who came from humble beginnings and rose to be a successful businessman and civic leader.
  • Bells at the Breaker: An Immigrant's Story by Geraldine Glodek (Coal Township native)
  • A story of the coal mining community in the early 1900's, as told through an immigrant's eyes. An excerpt:

    "The men clutched at their chests in the cold. Some stamped their feet, frosty breath spewing from their nostrils...The cage came and took them down. Rats squeaked and raced through the gangway. When the cage gate opened to release the miners, the foreman crept over to a rat that had stopped to sniff something. It looked up just as he picked up a rock. It seemed to Casimir that the rat looked deliberately at him, as if it expected him to save it, like a relative in a new country expecting the first arrival to take care of his own. He felt exposed. He took a whack at the animal with his pick, but it got away."

  • Coal Cracker Blues by James Stevens (Shamokin native)
  • Time has been hard on The Region, as native son Steve Zajac learns when he returns to deal with his elderly mothers’ problems. The nostalgic memories he has long treasured fade rapidly as he is drawn into the dangerous realities of a community overwhelmed by crime, where old mine workings are now drug factories, and former childhood friends are now deadly enemies. Regretfully, he realizes the world he knew in his youth is gone forever, never to return.
  • The Palace of Ashes by Sherry Fairchok
  • A book of poems by a Scranton native.
  • Lapsing Into a Comma by Bill Walsh
  • A Curmudgeon's Guide to the Many Things That Can Go Wrong in Print -- and How to Avoid Them. Written by a Pottsville native.
  • Out of the Black by Karl Kozak (director)
  • A film about a fictional coal mining accident and town. Starring Sally Kirkland.
  • Our Time by Gerald N. Dougherty
  • A novel about growing up in the coal region, written by a Scranton native.
  • Early Coal Mining in the Anthracite Region (Images of America : Pennsylvania) by J. Stuart Richards
  • Vintage photographs of collieries, breakers, miners, drivers, and breaker boys illuminate the dark of the anthracite mines. Published by a coal cracker from Orwigsburg.
  • Pennsylvanian Voices of the Great War by J. Stuart Richards
  • Letters, stories, and oral histories of Pennsylvanians in World War I.
  • Buddy & the Jack by W. Bryan Smith
  • Story of two dogs, one blind, by Mt. Carmel native Bryan Smith. A percentage of the sales from the book will go to the IMOM, Inc Blind Dog Fund to help those unable to afford costly surgery for the pets.
  • A Tribute to O'Hara and Other Stories by Christine Goldbeck
  • The Last One Home by Annette Appollo
  • First novel from Shenandoah native Annette Appollo. After more than thirty years, Gia Scarpino, a successful lawyer in San Francisco, is returning to the past, to the Pennsylvania coal town she escaped after high school.
  • Tales of the Mine Country by Eric McKeever
  • A collection of memories from the author's childhood in Shamokin during the 1930's. Some tales are true, some only partly so, but they all are authentic oral history.
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