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Miscellaneous Odds and Ends about the Coal Region

The Hayna Family

In 1988, radio station Rock 107 wrote and played the "The Hayna Family", a hilarious song, sung to the tune of "The Addams Family". Click here to play These are the lyrics:

They're goin' up da Eynon
They're gonna get a coffee
And maybe eat a sangwich
The Hayna family.

They're gonna buy some fill-um
So they can take some pitchers
A' Junior playin' baseball
The Hayna Family

Close da light-----go fer a walk---sore troat

There's gon'ta be a pitnic
With pies made outta punkin
They'll call you on the phone
The Hayna Family

Their kuzzint's down the courthouse
He's gonna get 'em good jobs
A paycheck from da county
The Hayna family

Je'et yet?-----No, djoo?----gimme a highball

In May at St. Ybaldo  (you-BALD-oh)
Where everyone's Italian  (ee-TAHL-yin)
They're eatin' pizza fritas
The Hayna Family

Dey got a dog fer hunt'n
The dog is really sumt'n
I think that she's part Doverman  (like Dover, Delaware)
The Hayna Family

Wot doin?-----Nah muu', choo?---er wot?

The neighbor almost drounded
But mout ta mout's what saved 'im
Dey really got ascared
The Hayna Family

They're goin' up da Eynon
They're gonna get a coffee
And maybe eat a sangwich
The Hayna Family.

Thanks to Jordan and baglady for this info.

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Hayna Family
Miner's Prayer
Shenandoah as Tourist Attraction
Hatchy Milatchy

Coal Miner's Prayer

O Lord, after I have worked my last day
and come out of the earth and have placed my feet on Thy footstool,
let me use the tools of Prudence, Faith, Hope and Charity.
From now on till I will be called to sign my last payroll,
make all the cables in the machinery strong with Thy Love.
Supply all the gangways, slopes and chambers
with The Pure Air Of Thy Grace and
let The Light Of Hope be my guidance and
when my last picking and shoveling is done,
may my last car be Full Of Thy Grace and
give me The Holy Bible for my last shift,
so that Thou, The General Superintendent of all colieries can say:

See a different version.

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Shenandoah as Tourist Attraction

The following is from the "For the Tourist" section of a Shenandoah Chamber of Commerce brochure, probably printed in the late 1970's:

"Since they possess a number of specific attributes that render them distinctive and unusual, there are many points of interest in the Shenandoah area that have appeal to the tourist. The most striking of such features are the sphere-capped spires of the Catholic, Protestant, and Greek Churches that tower over the community, lending an almost foreign air. Interesting, also, are the large number of abandoned stripping operations, resulting in the mining landscape and featuring the barren and jumbled terrain, bizarre and grotesque, but, nevertheless, mesmeric in quality. Spoil banks and rock banks from coal preparation plants present the most awe-inspiring example of earth manipulation ever produced by man."

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Hatchy Milatchy Lyrics

There's a wonderful place that you really should see
Called the Land of Hatchy Milatchy

All boys and girls love this place yes siree
Called the Land of Hatchy Milatchy

Peppermint candy and ice cream is free
In the Land of Hatchy Milatchy

Soda pop fountains are under each tree
In the Land of Hatchy Milatchy

Everyone rides on a-merry-go-round
All made of sugar and spice

Lollipops grow right out of the ground
The moon's made of strawberry ice

If you should run and you trip and you fall
In the Land of Hatchy Milatchy

The ground's made of rubber, you bounce like a ball
In the Land of Hatchy Milatchy

Oh you play the whole day and you don't go to bed
In the Land of Hatchy Milatchy

Mommies and Daddies are put there instead
In the Land of Hatchy Milatchy

Hundreds of bunnies all lay Easter eggs
In the Land of Hatchy Milatchy

Ride on a pony with candy striped legs
In the Land of Hatchy Milatchy

Each day is always a big holiday. Birthdays and parties galore!
Dollies and bicycles given away, whenever you walk in a store

When I return then I never will leave
The Land of Hatchy Milatchy

If you want to go all you do is believe
In the Land of Hatchy Milatchy.

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