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Coal Region Picture Gallery

Boiler House (Shenandoah) Boiler Room (Shenandoah)
Coal Shovel (Dragline) Pottsville (present day)
Coal Region County Map Glenburn Breaker
Photographic Essay of Anthracite Coal Mining well done photojournalist essay of present day anthracite mining Anthracite Mining Photo Gallery (present day) excellent photos of the present day coal region, including current mines and mining remnants
Mine Car Breaker
Bleenies (yum!) Stauffer's Pool
Atlas Honor Roll (WWII memorial - 1942) Atlas Honor Roll Names
Strong Fire Truck Atlas Honor Roll Parade
Duncott breaker St. Ignatius Church, Centralia (no longer there)
Centralia Fire Pic (present day) Pottsville Courthouse
Coney Island, Centre Street, Pottsville Yer basic Coal Region homes
Factory (Pottsville) Old Shenandoah Coal Breaker
Tamaqua Coal Miners c. 1910 Shenandoah Coal Pickers c. 1910
Whaleback rock formation (bottom of a stripping pit in the Bear Valley section of Shamokin) Dinky House (large hopper car atop the Glen Burn coal bank overlooking Shamokin)
The Mile (popular swimming hole / stripping pit outside Shamokin) Rotator building at Locust Summit Breaker (coal cars went in and the entire assembly turned upside down, emptying the coal onto a conveyor belt below)
Concrete City Concrete City closeup
Bridge in Jim Thorpe (1) Bridge in Jim Thorpe (2)
Shamokin F & S Brewery (as seen from da tracks) F & S Beer label
View from Stoney Point (or Rocky Point) in Shamokin The Mile (outside Shamokin) with beach view
Shamokin Rooftops Shamokin Centennial Bow-Tie and Button
Ham and beans on Rte 61 near Frackville Gordon Inclined Plane c. 1896 now next to Plane St. right across from the Fire Co.
Coal Miner's Prayer, 1904 McKinley's Bar, Centralia, 1934
SCHS Royalettes, c. 1946-47 1st row: Ed Chesla, Mike Bozak; 2nd row: John Post, Eugene Tragus, Edward Vinsko; 3rd row: Jack Hobbs (waiting to play drums), Ted Schutawie, Bill Malik, Bill Sheva, Jim Yackamovich; 4th row: Gene Cleary, Richard Donchak; Piano: Bill Brennan; Drums: Bob Gryeski Men working on the "Navee" (railroad into the coal mine), c. 1915 First from left: William E. Henninger; second: Garlan Derr, both from Shamokin; rest unknown.
Cameron Coal Mine, c. 1947 Shamokin, c. 1945
Pyramid Skating Rink, Girardville, c. 1998 Hi-Way Drive-In, Fountain Springs, c. 1998
Company Store, Locustdale, c. 1998 Duncott (?) breaker, c. 1998
St. Joseph's Hall, Locust Gap, c. 1930 Home of the Minstrels, the Locust Gap Appollos, Mt.Carmel Catholic basketball and don't forget the old serial movies Duncott (?) breaker, c. 1998
Miners Memorial, Shenandoah Overlooking the Lehigh #1 (Jim Thorpe)
Overlooking the Lehigh #2 (Jim Thorpe) Mauch Chunk Train Station (Jim Thorpe)
Lehigh River Gorge bike path (Jim Thorpe) Inn at Jim Thorpe
Oneida Breaker, c. 1900 Alaska Breaker (outside Shamokin), pre 1950's
Aristes Band, c. 1905-1910 Blackwood mine coal bucket, c. 1907
Blackwood mining, c. 1907 Shamokin Centennial, c. 1964