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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
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Ack-A-Me : Acme grocery store. "Do dey sell dat at da Ack-A-Me?"
acourt : One quart (liquid measure); see also kortz. "First, stop at da beer store, I need acourt."
after : out to get. "I tink one-a dem girls is after me. She wants ta beat me up."
afterlater : later. "I can't go witcha now, howz about afterlater?"
A-hole : Drinkin' hole upda back outside Girardville.
ain't left : not allowed ("left" being the Coal Region past tense of "let"). "I'd like to go out cruisin' wit you, but I ain't left."
ain't tho OR ain't do : request for confirmation. "He's really shitfaced, ain't do?"
all : used different ways to mean empty, finished, complete. Probably of PA Dutch origin. "Is the milk all?" (Is the milk empty? (all gone))
Angela Park : a small amusement park in Drums, outside Hazleton. Closed since the 1970's. Now a vacant lot, with buildings full of graffiti.
annerrr' : another. "Do you want annerr' court?"
Ant'ny : Anthony. "Yo, Ant'ny! Move yer car, my aunt's gotta go ta Mass!"
Anthracite Special : standard fare at weddings, funeral breakfasts, and other social occasions in the coal region. All food is served family style by women who are usually in a hurry. Usually ham or beef, chicken, kelbo. A really big to-do will feature both filling AND stuffing (filling is made from potatoes, stuffing from bread). Bottles of A-Treat soda are placed on tables before guests arrive; early arrivals get to change the bottles around to their tastes. Usually the fare includes cold cuts, city chicken, and potato salad, with jello or ice cream (or both) for dessert.
artics : winter boots (arctics)
are lad, are lady : our, a male/female member of our family. "Didja hear are lad's gettin married?"
aside : next to, beside. "He's sittin aside a me."
asspurn : aspirin.
ate up : eaten a lot. "I woulda ate up if I knew you was payin!"
Aunt Sally : 1) in parts of Wilkes-Barre, some kids address their mothers as "Aunt Sally" 2) sometimes polite women will say "I'm going to visit Aunt Sally" when they are on their way to the ladies room.
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