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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
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da Dale : Locust Dale. Everyone in Locust Dale is a "Daler".  If you live up the road from Locust Dale, you're a "patcher" because that's where the company owned houses are (or were).  If you live down the road from da Dale, you're a "down roader".  "He's a down roader from da Dale".
daresn't : "don't you dare" or "you better not do that". "You daresn't go in there."
davvy : davenport, sofa, couch. "Don't let the dog up on the davvy."
dead dabs : looks just like someone, a "dead ringer". "My uncle is the dead dabs for Frank Sinatra."
dead burger : at Tony's Lunch in Girardville, a screamer with sauce on both sides instead of just one.
dear : expensive.  "I'd like ta buy that new dress, but it's too dear".
Decoration Day : Memorial Day.
deef : hearing impaired. "Ya hafta talk louder fer him. He's gettin a little deef."
differnt : different
dincha : Didn't you "Dincha ever hear that one before?"
ding-a-ling sandwich : A sandwich made with ham salad spread between 2 slices of bread.  Another Shamokin delicacy.
Dingus Day : The day after Easter Sunday. Men would chase women around with buckets of water and the women would hit them with switches. From a viewer: this tradition began in Poland, and involved pussy willows. "Ed. note: 'hit them with switches'? What's up with that?"
dinky : ski-cap or knitted cap worn in winter. The term is commonly used by kids. The proper definition is that of a small locomotive used esp. for hauling freight or mine waste.
dinkybank : the pile of mine waste, usually slate and other unusable rock.
dippy egg : an egg, such as a soft-boiled or sunnyside-up egg, into which you can dip your toast.
dis, dat, dem, dese, dose, dere, dat dere : self-explanatory
dishrag : a cloth or rag for washing dishes. Compare washrag.
distributor A store that sells beer by the case. Also sometimes sell soda by the case. See quart store.
divil : mischievous or bad person. "Ooh, he's a divil he is!"
doopa : (or dupa). The part of the body where the sun doesn't shine. The Polish name for this part of the anatomy.  "If I catch you doin' that again, you'll get a swift kick in the doopa!!"
double block : a house or building divided into two separate residences. The rest of the country calls this a "duplex". If you're referring to one of the residences, you may say "half a double block".
down : description of a place in a valley. "He's from down Ringtown, yo."
down back : behind and below. "He parked the truck down back"
down the shore : to the New Jersey or Maryland beaches. "Are yiz goin' down the shore this summer?"
down town : to go to the business section of town "I'm goin' down town ta buy da paper." (Note accent on second word in "down town." Can be substituted with up town, depending on whether or not the business district of the town is downhill or uphill from your present location.
downda line : used when referring to almost anything south of your current location. See upda line.
drownd, drownded : drown, drowned. "Me old lady sez if I go swimmin upda strippin hole I'll get drownded."
drug : dragged. "She didn't want to goat the mall, but I drug 'er wit me."
dungarees : everywhere else they're called "blue jeans".
dunky : small, stubborn, horse-like animal with long ears; end pieces of a loaf of bread.
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