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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
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(get your) ears moved : to get a haircut. "Yer hair's gettin too long; ya better go da barber's and get yer ears moved."
eggie bread : bread dipped in egg, then fried, and served with syrup, powdered sugar, or salt and pepper, usually at breakfast.  Known to the rest of the world as "French toast".  "Do youz want dippie eggs or eggie bread before I run ya over ta Mass?"
eifta : (EYE-f-ta) I have to. "Eifta get up town to play da number before it closes."
et : past tense of "eat". "Jeet yet? No, d'joo? Yeah, I et aready".
Euclid : large truck for hauling coal. Actually a brand name for this type of truck. Commonly shortened to "Yook" or "Yookie". "My old man drives a Yookie down at da strippin'".
expecially : especially.
upda Eynon : to go up Route 6, almost always to Sugerman's Eynon Drug, an early mega-store.
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