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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
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jabrodie, jabronie : slang for a stupid person. Also "Joe Jabronie", kind of a "John Doe" thing. "Some jabrodie drove his car into the strippin' pit."
jahafta : Did you have to? "jahafta put yer shoes up on da coffee table?"
jamoke : slang word for a guy, usually a not so bright guy. Sometimes has a negative connotation. See description.
Jardville : Girardville, the town east of Ashland.
Jeepers Pelts! : expression of frustration or dismay. Possibly has a vulgar or sacrilegious connotation. Anyone know the derivation of this?
Jeet yet? No. D'joo? : "Did you eat yet?" "No. Did you?"
Jeez God : expression of surprise or awe. "Oh, Jeez God, dat is a bee-you-dee-full car!"
Jeezus, Mary, and Joseph! : expression of surprise or anger. Used when saying "Jeezus!" just isn't strong enough.
jellybucket : term for a lunch pail (or lunch bucket) used by coal miners. Not sure if this is still used.
jewlary : jewelry
The Jiggers or Jigger Dams : a water reservoir north of Shendo. Informed sources say that it was a popular skinny-dipping spot (for males only) prior to being converted to Sandy Beach, a community swimming pool. Also called the "Bare Ass Beach".
joan : do you own. "Joan dat car, er are ya still makin' payments?"
johnny plug : fire plug or fire hydrant
jupies : cheap, white sneakers bought at the Jupiter store in Shamokin.
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