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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
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kapoosta : money.  "You paid twunny tousand dollars fer dat car??  Man, dat's a lotta kapoosta!"  Means "cabbage" in Polish.
kegger : a beer party, usually in a wooded area, with a keg of beer.  "I heard there's a kegger upda back tonight."
kelbo or kilbo : short for "kielbasa", a specific type of Polish smoked sausage. Sold year round but extremely popular at Christmas time. "I waited in line for an hour to get a ringa kilbo".
ketch : catch. "Did dey ketch dat guy dat robbed da Tastee-Freez?"
kilt : killed. "I was upposda be in at 10, I'm gonna get kilt".
kiva : could I have a. "Kiva cuppa coffee, butt?"
Knoebel's : (pronounced "Ka-NO-bulls", pronouncing the 'K' and the 'N') Knoebel's Grove Amusement Park, in Elysburg, PA. For generations, a favorite Coal Region outdoor place to go. Still family owned and operated, now in their 75th year. And still free admission. See Knoebels. The Mine Museum at Knoebel's has books listing mining accidents.
kootch : small, usually secret, space. See also cubby hole. From a viewer in Wales (UK): There is a Welsh word spelled "cwtch" which is the cupboard under the stairs. An old song in Wales says "Don't go down the pit Dad, there's plenty of coal in the cwtch."
kortz :  32 liquid ounces, always used when referring to quantities of beer. Also called jugs, bumpers, tankers. "Let's get some Yuengling kortz and go upda A-hole."
kuzzints : your aunts' and uncles' kids. "I'm goin' over my kuzzints house."
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