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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
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laggin : lumber used for support in coal holes. Usage has carried over to any type of board used as a support or prop. I need a couple'a laggin's to prop this up.
lasjeer : last year.
laundrymat : laundromat.
lectric : electric. "Gotta go pay the lectric bill"
left : 1) allowed, permitted. See ain't left . 2) past tense of let. See yooj.
left-handers : non-Catholics.
lie-berry : library.
lightening bugs : fireflys.
Lit-a-wayne-yun : Lithuanian nationality. "Are pierogies a Polish or Lit-a-wayne-yun food?"
lokie : a steam saddle tank engine that ran on narrow gauge railroad tracks and hauled about 30 mine cars of coal from colliery to breaker. Short for "locomotive".
The Lokie : the steam train at the Pioneer Tunnel, Ashland's only tourist attraction -- other than Our Lads, that is. "Let's go up da Lokie."In the coal mining days, a lokie was a small locomotive used to haul miners, tools, and coal in and out of the mines.
long johns : 1) long underwear 2) rectangular shaped creme or jelly filled doughuts, usually topped with coconut. Note from a viewer: Hometown, PA is the home of JE Morgans, the largest producer of long johns (long underwear) in the world.
loogie : a wad of phlegm. Also known as a "hawker", "lunger", or "lungie". See hawk a loogie.
looka, lookit : look, look here, or see here. "Lookit, if I wanted yer opinion, I'da ast'ja fer it!"
Loscrik : the proper pronunciation of "Lost Creek", the village west of Lower Shaft.
lot-ree, lot-tree : lottery. Immensely popular in the Coal Region long before most other states discovered it. "I gotta go up town ta play da lotree"
lurnt : past tense of learn.
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