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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
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Nanny-coke : Nanticoke. A town upda line by Wilkes-Barre. Not far from Plimmit (Plymouth).
nave : naive. "Youz tink dat I am so nave ...."
necker : injury from a fall. "I slipped on the ice and took a necker"
night fishin : from Sunbury... Building fires at the Susquehanna River at night so you can fish for carp. The fishing area was first seeded with hard corn in the afternoon, then the hooks were baited with sweet corn upon returning at night. The two to three foot carp were taken home and buried in the garden for fertilizer.
night gownd : what you wear to bed
night petty : nightgown
ninny bottle : baby bottle
No word a lie! : Expression indicating the speaker is telling the truth, not lying. "I seen a buck up off 81, and it musta been a 14 pointer! No word a lie!"
noozey : curious, "nosey". "He's a noozey bugger!"
not shittin :  not kidding (see yer)
Number 1, Number 2, etc. : Designations for the water reservoirs of Shendo (see Ice Dams ). To the best of our recollection, #1 and #2 are in Lost Creek, #3 and #4 are the Ice Dams, #5 and #6 are outside Ringtown.
number, numbers : see pool , lottree
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