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off : from. "Where'dja get that?" "I bought it off the guy upda street."
offa : off or off of. "Hey, get the dog offa da couch!"
Ohia : Ohio.  "My sister lives out in Ohia now."
Oi Yayzu ! : exclamation, cry of despair. Possibly a derivation of the Polish translation of "Oh, Jesus!" Or perhaps from the Pennsylvania German (i.e. Pennsylvania "Dutch") phrase "Ei Yesu(s)!"
Oi Yeyko ! : similar usage to the above. Possibly a translation of "Oh, Joseph!", as in "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!"
oilcloth : linoleum.
old lad, old lady / ole lad, ole lady : father, mother. "Our ole lads a boozer."
onnacowna : because (on account of). " I got pulled over onnacowna I had too many kortz at da hozie last night."
Onion Church : Greek Catholic or Eastern Orthodox church, so named because the steeples are shaped like onion bulbs. See Greek
onion snow : the last snow of the season. So called because the optimum time to plant onions is right after this snow.
order, get an order, for an order : groceries, or to go grocery shopping. "I gotta go get an order up da Ack-a-me."
out da mountain : Refers to an isolated place in the mountains or near the strip mines. Usually used to refer to a party spot. "Where the elite meet to eat and drink" (well, drink mostly). "We was out da mountain Friday night til tree a.m."
out past : beyond, farther in that same direction. "Where's the Pumpie? Oh, it's out past Brandonville somewhere."
outen : to turn off, usually a light. "Remember ta outen the lights before ya go ta bed". Ed. note: my guess is this is rooted in a Pa. Dutch/German manner of speech.
over town : over to town, in the direction of the business district of a town. When you live in a town that's relatively flat, e.g. St. Clair, you don't go up town , you go "over town". Hillier towns like Shendo and Ashland cause you to go "up town" or "down town" depending on where you're starting from.
overalls (or "overhauls") : dungarees (blue jeans)
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