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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
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raddy-ater : radiator. Commonly pronounced with a short-a sound in the first syllable.
rag man : see sheeny
rail :  a beat up car that runs reasonably well. See tank .
the Rat Hole : the Rialto Theater on Market Street in Sunbury
da Razzie : Shamokin's "Raspberry Hill". A favorite sleigh-riding spot.
redd, redd up : to make ready, get ready "We have to red up the house before the comp'ny gets here!"
reejin : the coal region / Schuylkill County. "She's originally from the reejin."
relief, on relief : welfare, to be on public assistance.  "He doesn't have a job; he's on relief."
ring baloney : sausage-shaped meat product
rock candy : a simple candy made of sugar and water. The mixture hardens on a string, so you end up with sort of a chain of sugar "rocks".
rollycoaster : rollercoaster. "Didjiz ride the rollycoaster when yiz were at Knoebels?"
roochy : to move around a lot while sleeping. This is a Pennsylvania Dutch term. Also "skootchy". "I couldn't sleep wit da baby, he was too roochy."
roofed : when a baseball or football gets trapped on a roof. "Aw, ya roofed it! Now how are we gonna finish the game?"
rooned OR roont : destroyed. "I fell in the crick and now my hair is roont!"
Rum Dums : a group of guys (a "club") in Shendo who get together to go drinking.
run me over : drive me to. "Will ya run me over ta da Ack-a-me so's I can do some shoppin?"
rundover : to get or have gotten run over. "Be careful when ya cross the street, else you'll get rundover."
rush the growler : to go to the local bar or beer tap and fill a round lunch pail or other bucket with draft beer. In olden days, fathers would often send their kids to rush the growler. See growler.
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