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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
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tagger : tiger. "Did yiz see any taggers at the zoo?"
tammara : tomorrow
Tam-AH-kway or Tam-AH-kwee : two additional ways to pronounce Tam-AH-kwa (Tamaqua)
tamayta or tamayda : tomato
talkin' in our way : speaking in the language of the "old country". Primarily used by Eastern European immigrants and their first-generation offspring. Our source says it is from the Ukrainian " po-nashomu", in our way or manner.
tank :  beat up car that does not run well (usually older than 1975, large, and always American made)
tapper, tappin : a keg party. "We're tappin' up the A-hole Saturday night."  Same as kegger.
ta-roo-poo-zhe : a Lithuanian term of scorn. May mean "frog".
tea : whiskey. In barrooms of old, people would often ask for "tea", a euphemism for whiskey. Why was this? Was this a holdover from speakeasy times where liquor was prohibited?
tee-AY-ter : theater.
teet : things in your mouth that you chew with (see payment ) Singular is, of course, "toot".
telly-pole : telephone pole; must be an Ashland phrase - if you said this in Shendo, you'd get beat up.
thisafter : this afternoon. "I'm goin upda mall thisafter. D'yiz need anyting?"
three sheets to the wind : drunk. "It was only noon, and he was already three sheets to the wind."
on tick : on credit. In the old days, the miners drank in bars but had no money until payday. The barkeeps would keep a book and mark how much was owed by the miner. As payments were made, the barkeep put a "tick" mark (or checkmark) in the book. This method was also used in butcher shops and other stores. See also carload of rock. "I paid cash instead of buying on tick."
tiddy udder : to the other. (imagine you're in the Ack-a-me check out line) "Dis here line is closed; go tiddy udder. Tanks."
ting : thing. "What da hell is dat ting hangin from yer nose?"
tink : think. "I tink I spelt dat right."
took sick : to have fallen ill. "My grammam was a real go-getter until she took sick".
topatown : the top of the town -- may be specific to Ashland. "They used to live next to the Builders at the topatown."
tousand : thousand. "I had ta shell out almost a tousand bucks ta get my car fixed, da frick!"
tray : a measurement used to describe a whole pizza. Usually used for the square or rectangular "barroom" pizza. "Should we get a small tray or a large? How much are yiz gonna eat?"
tree : number between 2 and 4. "I like ta play da tree trees on da dice wheel. I won turdy f***in' bucks, yo!"
troot : truth. "I'm tellin' yaz da troot. I seen it wit me own eyes." Also, "Ain't it da troot, yo?"
trow, trew, trun : throw, threw, thrown. "I trew da ball to'im, but he didn't catch it, da frick!"
two-miler : Route 61 between Brennan and Frackville.
twunny : twenty. "You shoulda seen all the twunnys pinned on da Are Lady 'a MounCarmel statue!".
turdy-turdy : rifle of calibre 30-30
turdy ought six : rifle of calibre 30-06.
turnt : past tense of "turn". "Ya turnt da wrong way, da frick!"
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