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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
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da U : The University of Scranton
undertaker's baloney : Summer sausage or sweet baloney (bologna). In the old days, cold cuts were questionable due to lack of adequate refrigeration. Summer sausage and sweet bologna are heavily laced with preservatives, hence the name "undertaker's baloney".
unenjoyment : Unemployment compensation. "Bob's been on unenjoyment ever since he got laid off"
up : to, to visit. "I'm goin' up Beefo's."
upda : up at the, up to the. "Where's your mom?" "She's upda house."
upda line : "up the line", referring to anyplace elsewhere from where you currently are in the Coal Region. Usually refers to somewhere north of your current location. Probably refers to the train schedules listing the stations and stops through the region. In a column from top to bottom, trains going south or east were read from top of the table to the bottom. Those going north or west were read from bottom to top. See also downda line. "My sister lives upda line in Scranton."
up town : to town, i.e. to the business district of a small town. " I'm goin' up town ta buy da paper". Note accent on second word in "up-TOWN." Unlike accenting the first syllable in "Take the A-train UP-town."
(ain't) upposta (or aposta): (not) supposed to. "I ain't upposta stay out after midnite."
use-ta : used to. "We useta go hikin' all up and down the train tracks when we was kids"
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