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ver-shtay-shtoo : Used as a question, it means "Do you understand?" Sometimes abbreviated as just "ver-shtay?" Comes from the German "Verstehen Sie?" meaning "Do you understand?" "Verstehst du?" means "Do you understand?" in a more informal or familiar tone. "You sit right there and don't move until I come get ya, ver-shtay?"
the Vicky : The Victoria Theatre in Shamokin. Recently torn down.
the Vulcan : the long stretch of uphill road that runs from Barnesville to Mahanoy City. The patch at the top of the hill is called Vulcan. The far side of the Vulcan was known as "Tunnel Hill" because the railroad tunnel into Buck Mountain goes under it. The hill was/is used by teenagers to test the speed of their cars. It was determined by the speed with which your car could top the Vulcan from the tunnel side.)
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