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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
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warsh, worsh : wash, usually the laundry. "Look at that pile of dirty clothes! I gotta do a load a' warsh."
washrag : washcloth, usually used for washing oneself (in the bath or shower). Compare dishrag.
weeka : we could. "Weeka go upda Hozie!"
What did you step in? : to what do you owe your good fortune? The (dubious) assumption here is that good luck will result from accidentally stepping in shit.
da whistle : signal for lunch break or change of shift at a colliery. In Shenandoah, the whistle is still blown at noon every weekday. "My Pop'll be home soon. Da Packer Five whistle just blew." Used in many towns as a fire alarm siren to alert the volunteer fire fighters. When there is a fire, the whistle will sound corresponding to each digit of the alarm box number. E.g. it will sound three times, then pause, then sound five times for box number 35. Then you look on the back of a card (usually handed out as part of someone's political campaign) to find the location of the box. When the whistle blows twice, that means the fire is out. "Listen! The whistle's blowin'! There must be a fire somewhere. Lemme count..."
wimpies : sloppy joe sandwiches, as referred to in the Wilkes-Barre area. Sometimes called "wimpy meat". Does this come from the Popeye character ("Wimpy") who used to eat hamburgers all the time?
winda : 1. window "Open da winda, it's hot in here." 2. wind of, as in "to get wind of", to find out about something. "He was out drinkin' last night. Wait'll his mom gets winda dat!"
wit : with. "I'm goin' to da block party wit you."
wrecked into : crashed into, hit with a car. "He wrecked into a manure truck on the Goldstar cuz he was drinkin pounders all day."
wrecker : This is a term for "tow truck". New ones made in the 90's are called flat beds, I think.
wudges : What do you (plural). In a restaurant, the waitress may come to your table and ask: "Wudges want?"
Wuxe Bare : Wilkes Barre "Gonna go upta Wuxe Bear tumarra."
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