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The Official CoalRegion Dictionary
- XYZ -
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ya can't beat that with a stick! : a positive response, an addition onto the common "you can't beat that".
ya f*** ya! : exclamation of surprise, many times used when slightly angry at someone.
Yatesy : someone from Yatesville, a patch outside of Shendo (see patch )
yella : color. "The banana is yella."
yer : you or your. "Yer not shittin!" or "Is that yer kort?"
Yer fulla canal water! : you're kidding" or "you don't know what you're talking about."
yet : often used instead of "still", e.g. instead of saying "Is that store still there?", you would say "Is that store there yet?"
Ying Yang : No, not peace and harmony, but Yuengling, America's oldest brewery. Brewers of damn fine beer. "Do they sell Ying Yang in kortz?" See Yuengling Brewery.
yiz'll : you (plural) will; see "youse" below "If Stan gets pissed, yiz'll know it!"
yo : various usages for adding emphasis, reflexive pronoun, attention getter, etc. "Ain't, yo." Often accompanied by "Hey", as in "Hey! <pause> Yo!" Also, many times kids would stand outside someone's house and yell "Yo Bob-BIEEEEE" or "Yo Tom-MEEEEEEEE" (accent on the second syllable). The object was to get the friend's attention to see if they could come out to play. This was done instead of knocking or ringing the doorbell.
Yo! Come around! : This is a cry often heard on the street corners of Chendo. It is directed toward the occupants of a "cruising" car. It means: Break free of the cruising rank and file on your next pass and talk to the Cryer.
yonko : another derogatory name usually directed at people of Eastern European descent. See also hunky.
yooj : huge. "I caught a yooj fish in the crick, but I left it go."
Yook OR Yookie : See  Euclid
Yook-a-rayne-yun OR Yook-a-rainy-un : Ukrainian nationality, another Eastern European ethnic group
Youz tree are a pair OR Da tree a yiz are a pair : No correlation to anything in the English language. "Yo, what da f*** are yiz doin wit dat? Youz tree are a pair!"
youze, yuz, yooz, AND yiz : plural of you; equivalent to "y'all" in the Southern U.S. The Pittsburgh form of this term is "you-ins" or "yunz"; y'all or yunz are never used in the Coal Region. "Hey, whad'r youze doin' over dere??" "Do yooz wanna go for some kortz?" "How're yiz doin, yo?" "What're youz guys up to?"
Zulu-land : the Mahanoy City term for Shendo.
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