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Top Ten Lists
Coal Region Favorites!

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Pizza Parlors

Our first coal region poll, and what a great one it was! Coal Crackers sure do love their pizza. And now (drum roll please), the top ten list...

1. Centiole's - Main Street, Girardville
This unique, sweet sauce pizza is the hands-down winner of the Coal Region Pizza Poll. You have to order days in advance (especially for a Friday during Lent). Open only in the evenings. When they run out of pies, you're outta luck! As Joe C. says "It's Worth the Weight". It is THE best. 2. Senape's Tavern Pitza - North Vine Street, Hazleton
Pronounced "SNAPS". The classic square pizza, available with Scamutz or Romano cheese. This is what's known in the Coal Region as "bar" pizza, and is most commonly eaten cold or at room temperature. The definite fave of the Luzerne County crowd. Best with a pitcher of Yuengling or draft birch beer. 3. Matucci's - Willow Street, Mt. Carmel
"Their deluxe pizza is the best in Pennsylvania, perhaps in the whole USA!" 4. James' Cafe - Pine Street, Shamokin
Square slices, thin bread, great cheese. Rumors of beer in the sauce. Located in the "Bloody Fifth Ward" in Shamokin. This place hasn't changed since you were a kid. 5. Duke's / Tower of Pizza - Marion Heights (outside Kulpmont)
American Cheese that everyone has burned their mouth on at least once!! A great place to get F&S beer. 6. Marrone's - Girardville
Way to go, Guntown! Two pizza places in the top ten! In addition to great pizza, Marrone's is everyone's choice for best pizza hot sauce. It's killer! 7. Pottsville Pizzeria - Pottsville
Let's hear it for south of the mountain! "Nothing was better than ordering from the Pottsville Pizzeria every Friday night!" 8. Gutsie's - West Center Street, Mahanoy City
"The small pies Pete Gutsie made were loaded with tomatoes and cheese, and anything else you wanted. They reeked of oregano, with a hint of basil. I'm sitting here slobbering like one of Pavlov's dogs, da frick! Always washed them down with Kaier's beer." 9. Little Venice - Main & Lloyd Streets, Shenandoah
"Without a doubt, the BEST pizza in the entire coal region, perhaps the entire WORLD!" 10. Grotto's Pizza / Joe's Grotto - Harvey's Lake and Wilkes-Barre
From the northern reaches, "da best pizza in da region is from Joe's Grotto out da lake!" Honorable Mention
  • Armondo's - Shenandoah
  • The Blue Tavern - outside Llewellyn
  • Chance's Bar and Restaurant - Pottsville, Llewellyn Hwy
  • DeVito's - Ashland
  • DiMaggio's - Tamaqua
  • Gabello's Cafe - Duryea
  • Gilotti's - Mt. Carmel
  • Giorgio's - Frackville
  • Grande Pizza - Tamaqua
  • Hollywood Pizza - Mt. Carmel
  • Januzi's - Wilkes-Barre
  • Marco's - Lansford
  • Mario's - Minersville
  • Mary Rose's - Nesquehoning
  • Mr. Pizza - Shamokin
  • O'Brien's - Shamokin
  • Paesano's - Mahanoy City
  • Palermo's - Minersville
  • Pappa's - Scranton
  • Parmesano's - Tamaqua
  • Revello's - Old Forge
  • Roma's Pizza - Pottsville
  • Rostas's - Hazleton
  • Scicchitano's Buono Pizza - Kulpmont
  • Scully's - Girardville
  • The Pizza Place - Frackville
  • Tillie's Pitz - West Hazleton
  • Tommy's Pizza - Kingston
  • Two Brother's - Jim Thorpe
  • Two King's - Hometown
  • Vesuvio's - Hazleton
  • Victory Pig ("the Pig") - Forty Fort/Wyoming
Poll taken in September - October, 1998
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