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Top Ten Lists

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Places to Eat in Shamokin
  1. Coney Island Lunch 218 E. Independence St., downtown Shamokin
    Perhaps one of the only true original landmarks left in Shamokin and still the best burgers around! They still don’t serve fries! You can get "one up" and "one down" with a cup of coffee, Big Ben’s soda, or chocolate milk for about $5.00. Everything at "The Coney" has remained in its original state since the restaurant opened decades ago!
  2. Harry’s Bar & Grill 14 N. Market St., downtown Shamokin
    They serve great food at Coal Region prices (can’t complain there!) They have excellent dinner specials and recently expanded the dining area to accommodate more customers.
  3. Mac's Hoagies 904 W. Arch St., Shamokin
    The largest selection of hoagies and grinders ever! The whole inside of the shop is literally wallpapered with their menu items. Try one of the Pizza Mac specialties - they’re incredible! They also have a great selection of penny candy.
  4. Mr. Pizza 327 W. Spruce St., Shamokin
    The only thing that changes about this place is the "price per cut". Mr. Pizza pizza is simple. Small, square cuts of pizza with one little piece of shriveled up pepperoni. But, man, is it tasty! They also added a drive-thru window, which is a nice convenience considering there is nowhere to sit inside. Their sauce is legendary!
  5. James' Pizza 524 E. Pine St., Shamokin
    Another unique take on the fine art of pizza making! The secret is in their cheese. It’s amazing! The atmosphere there makes for fun evening as well, even though it’s located in the 5th Ward! Great bar, too.
  6. Spangenberg’s Family Drive-In 640 Center St., Shamokin (Tharptown)
    If you went to Knoebels for the day and lived in Shamokin, chances are you probably stopped by Spangenberg’s for ice cream on the way home more than a few times! This favorite "Tasty Freeze" drive-in also has great burgers and fries, as well as milkshakes.
  7. Snyder’s Restaurant 41 N. Second St., Shamokin
    If you’re not in the mood for a Coney after a long night of drinking, then perhaps you should head on over to Second Street for the best breakfast food in Shamokin. They have the best omelets in the area, and their hash browns are fantastic!
  8. Martin's Chicken & Ribs 1149 W. Arch St., Shamokin
    Right up the street from Mac’s Hoagies you’ll find the best chicken and ribs within city limits. A local favorite for those who are too lazy to drive to Paxinos for Masser’s chicken, Martin’s is every bit as good.
  9. The Coal Hole 500 W. Walnut St., Shamokin
    Shamokin’s only real place to catch live entertainment, the aptly named Coal Hole offers a variety of specials during the week, like Taco and Seafood nights. Not only is the food great, but the prices are cheap to boot!
  10. The Wayside Inn Rt. 61, Weigh Scales
    Located in Weigh Scales just around Brewery Curve on Rt. 61, the Wayside boasts huge half-pound burgers that are amazing! Their fries were spectacular as well. Plus it’s a cool place to hang out and it feels like you’re "going out" when you go there. Hey, it’s like two miles outside of the city limits!
  11. Club 122 Just outside Shamokin, on the way to Kulpmont.
    Famous for its steak sandwiches and the fact that they are hardly ever open, Club 122 is located near the new super Wal-Mart center.
Submitted by Jeffrey H., Sept 2003. Thanks!
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