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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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da Back Mountain : the towns up Rte. 309 from Wilkes-Barre and Kingston, such as Dallas, Shavertown, and Trucksville.
Barnesville : east of Mahanoy City of Rte 54; site of Lakewood Park, and the ever popular Bavarian Summer Festival.
The Bastie : see  Wildcat 
Bear Valley #1, #2, and #3 : leaving Shamokin on Rte 125, in the southwestern part of Coal Township. Bear Valley Patch #1 is located out by the Bus barn (formally FOLTZ's gas station). Bear Valley Patch #2 is further west (out by Venn's access road). Still further west is Bear Valley Patch # 3. The latter has no residents living there now.
Beaver Brook : off Rte 309 near Audenreid. Formerly called "Frenchtown".
Beaver Meadows : on Rte 93, on the way to "Chunk" (Mauch Chunk). Beaver Meadows predates Hazleton and many surrounding towns. Established before the Civil War. Starting place for Ario Pardee, Hazleton coal baron. The caboose for trains was invented here, for the safety of the mine workers.
Beaverdale : west of Mt. Carmel
Big Mine Run : between Ashland and Girardville. Also called Big Mine Run Junction?
Big Mountain : about a mile south of Shamokin, on the dirt road extension of South Shamokin Street
Black Diamond : "out the mountain" south of Route 209 between Llewellyn and Branchdale; south of Stein's Mill
Black Heath : on 901, west of Primrose, just out da line from Greenbury
Black Hill : section of Nanticoke, somewhere on the way to Honey Pot.
Blackwood : no longer exists; was located a few miles west of Goose Heaven and Silverton, at the base of the Sharp Mountain, on the back road between Silverton and Newtown.
Blakely : eight miles northeast of Scranton, population about 2,000. It is a borough if you include the village of Peckville, which has a population of about 6,000. Blakely is named after an officer who commanded the Sloop-of-War Wasp during the War of 1812. Prior to coal mining era, the name was associated with a huge township from which at least seven boroughs were formed in the mid-1800's.
Bloody Fifth : the Fifth Ward of Shamokin, at the far end of Shamokin Street. Not really a patch, just a section of town named for bloody feuds that occurred there during the 30's and 40's.
Boiler Row : an alley in Heckscherville.
Bonetown : the Honeypot section of Nanticoke, around 1900. Ed. note: does "honeypot" mean what I think it does?"
Boston Run : between Mahanoy City and Gilberton. Next to Wiggans.
Bowman's Patch : between Mahanoy City and Park Place.
Boydtown : between the Springfield section of Shamokin and Brady on the "back" road.
Brady : between Shamokin and Kulpmont. Also known as Ranshaw or Johnson City.
Branchdale : west of Llewellyn, past Stein's Mill
Brandonville : between Shendo and Sheppton
Brennan's Farm : between Kulpmont and Locust Gap, across from the cemetery. Many of the displaced people of Centraila now live here. A popular make-out spot in the old days.
Brier City : between Seltzer City and Minersville. Formerly known as Dutch Hollow. Near the old Tropp's Airport. Famous for Brier City Potatoes. Recipe: Wash and slice potatoes one quarter inch thick. Place on hot grill until bubbles form. Then turn over and add butter, salt, and pepper.
Brockton : on Rte 209 south of Tamaqua
Browntown : near Pittston
Brownsville : past the west end of Coal Street in Shendo
Bowman's Patch : between Mahanoy City and Park Place
Buck Mountain : outside Mahanoy City
Buck Run : on Rte 901, up the hill from Primrose
Buck's Patch : above Big Mine Run. Between Ashland and Centralia, east of Centralia. Served by St. Ignatius Church. This patch no longer exists. The Reilly family was the last family to live here.
Buckle Row Patch : Shaft Street in Gilberton
Bull Run : outside of Seek, between Seek and Tamaqua
Bull's Head : Two patches named Bull's Head: One between Pottsville and Seltzer City, the other is the area around the intersection of Providence Road and North Main Ave in Scranton.
Bunker Hill : the northeast section of Shamokin. Known as the toughest neighborhood in Shamokin.
Burnside : between Shamokin and Gown City
Bush Patch : In Old Forge, a gully that runs from the Wide Eagle Hose Company (fire station) from the north, and from the Old Forge High School from the south. Contains St. John's Creek.
Buttonwood : in Hanover Township, Wilkes-Barre.
Byrnesville : between Centralia and Ashland, a victim of the Centralia minefire. See Upper/Lower Shanty. See also Byrnesville, PA Resource Guide.
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