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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Dark Corners : near Centralia; no longer exists
Dark Water : on the Peach Mountain, between St. Clair and Minersville
Dayton : between Wiconisco and Williamstown on Old Rte 209
Delano : outside Mockanoy City going north
Derringer : between Fern Glen and Tomhicken. No longer exists.
Diamond Patch : near the Heights section of Wilkes-Barre.
Diamondtown : adjacent to Mount Carmel. Home of the former Homiak's Cafe, and the Mount Carmel Brewery.
Dickson City (D.C.) : upda line past Scranton
Dieners Hill : southeast side of St. Clair. Going up the hill, the north side is part of Saint Clair and the south side is East Norwegian Township.
Dipple Manor : either on a dead end road between Hazleton and Humboldt OR just off Rte 93 and what is now the Airport Beltway, right next to the Laurel Mall. Which is correct?
Dolph Patch : located in Winton, near Jessup.
Donaldson : just outside Tremont. I-81 runs right through it. Or does it?
Dooleyville : west of Mt. Carmel; where famous WWII General James Gavin is from.
Doutyville : near Shamokin and Kulpmont
Dowdentown : (pronounced "Dowdytown") edge of Minersville, toward West West Terrace
Dream City : between Port Carbon and Five Points/Cumbola on Route 209. Site of a former roller skating rink and a few houses. Destroyed by fire in the 1950's. Originally called Schuylkill Park, then White City, then Dream City.
Drifton : on Rte 940. Site of a coal baron's mansion.
Old Drifton : ruins above present-day Drifton. (Used to have goats here)
Youngstown Drifton : near Drifton
Drifton Estates : near Drifton
Duck Street : a suburb of the Rap (Rappahannock). Consisted of a street of houses between Powder Mill and the Rap.
Duncanville : outside Fishbach on the Seltzer City road in Norwegian Township
Duncott : between Minersville and Dark Water
Dupont : on 315, between Avoca and da mall
Dutch Hill : in Lackawanna County; part of Archbald.
Dutch Hollow : see Brier City
Dutchtown : outside Ashland
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