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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Fearnot : between Erdman and Sacramento
Felts Patch : located within the town of Taylor. Named after Isaac Felts.
Fern Glen : just over the hill from Nuremburg; go up the main street in Nuremburg and cross the county line from Schuylkill into Luzerne; Fern Glen is at the bottom of the hill.
Fern Hill : small area between Olyphant and Lower Jessup
Ferndale : there are two Ferndales: 1) the southwestern area of Coal Township (at the end of Pine, Spruce, and Mulberry Streets), on the hill overlooking Shamokin. 2) a small patch about a mile northwest of the Shenandoah Fish & Game club near Ringtown
The Finger Board : not a patch, but a road. East Mahanoy Ave. in Girardville. So named because there used to be a wooden sign in the shape of a finger posted on this road which read "To Shenandoah". The sign is gone, but the name remains.
Firman's Hill : at the top of Olive Street, in the Hill Section of Scranton. Fireman's Hill is the 1200 and 1300 blocks. It is a very steep, brick paved street. Closed in the winter because it was too dangerous. Firetrucks used to come screaming down this street.
Fishbach : (pronounced "Fish Bock") north edge of Pottsville, on the road to Seltzer City
Fisher's Patch : near Ellen Gowan. Formerly known as Maple Dale.
Five Points : outside Port Carbon, near Cumbola
The Flicker : on the road between Girardville and Mahanoy Plane
The Foot : between The Flicker and Rappahannock. So called because it was located at the bottom (foot) of the mountain from where carloads of coal were hoisted. May be the same as Mahanoy Plane.
Forest City : in Lackawanna County.
Forestville : just south of Primrose
Foundryville : on the road from Freeland to Eckley
Fountain Springs : on Route 61, between Frackville and Ashland. Location of Cardinal Brennan High School.
Fowler's Patch : east of Shenandoah about 2 or 3 miles. Just below Fowler's Patch was a large open field known as the "circus grounds". Naturally, this is where the circus set up every year.
Freck's Patch : patch of twenty-four homes in northeast Centralia. Razed in 1898.
Freeland : off Rte 940, northeast of Hazleton.
Frenchtown : in Carbon County, north of Beavermeadows and barely south of Luzerne County. May have been located on Frenchtown Road. This patch dates to pre-Civil War. Now called Beaver Brook.
Furnace Hill : northeast of New Philadelphia, between New Philly and Kaska. Also known as Valley Furnace.
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