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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Gallo's Row : across from Teaberry Hill, between Minersville and Seltzer City.
Gap Rocks : north of Duncott, on the way to Hecksherville. Is this a patch, or just a wooded region?
Georgetown : in Wilkes-Barre Township. At the bottom of Giant's Despair (?); the top is Laurel Run. There is an annual sports car hill climb here.
Georgetown Heights : used to be on one side of the road near Wadesville, then at some point it was moved to the other side of the road. It's now a stripping pit?
Germantown : victim of the Centralia minefire; a group of homes along the Snake Road in Columbia County, not far outside Ashland. Supposedly, the foundations of several homes are still there.
Germanville : a.k.a. Dutchtown, a section of Butler Township; Germanville is a 2.5 mile section of the road that runs from Cooney Island outside Ashland (on the Gordon Road) to the road that runs from Locust Dale to Lavelle
Gilberton : between Mahanoy City and Girardville, on Rte 4030. Also called "Duck Town". Rumor has it that at one time during a flood the ducks started swimming in the middle of the streets. Going west, you have: Gilberton, Maizeville, Corktown, Mahanoy Plane (aka The Foot), The Flicker, Rappahannock (The Rap), Girardville. They come one after another along the same road.
Ginthers : see Still Creek
Glen Carbon : between Buck Run and Heckscherville
Glen Dower : between Buck Run and Heckscherville, just before Buck Run
Glen Lyon : four miles west of Nanticoke. It was the site of the 1948 movie 'Miracle of the Bells' staring Frank Sinatra and Fred MacMurray. It was referred to in the movie as Coaltown, but the site was Glen Lyon. The original patch was constructed by the Susquehanna Coal Company about 1870 and named Morgantown. The patch took the name Morgantown from a small farm settlement named after the prominent Welsh farmer, Ebenezar Morgan. Also the small cluster of buildings making up the first mine workings was called Morgan's town, an eponymy recognizing the power of the Welsh mine superintendent in charge of the workings. The patch was renamed Glen Lyon when it was subsequently incorporated as a borough of Newport Township. Glen Lyon was the original place name and translates to Lyon's Valley. The Lyon family was the largest landholder in the valley.
Glendon : formerly known as Pleasant Hill
Glennworth : just off Rte 901 between Pottsville and Cressona
Glover's Hill : an area of Shenandoah, off the far end of West Coal Street; before you get to Brownsville.
Good Spring : between Joliett and the Hegins Mountain
Goose Heaven : just south of Llewellyn
Goose Island : located in the southwest corner of Wilkes-Barre, roughly bounded by Solomon's Creek, South Main Street, and another street (and possibly another creek).
Gordon : west of Heckscherville, going toward Lavell and Ashland
Gorrell's Patch : patch of 16 families on W. Main St., Centralia; existed until about 1890.
Gowan : between Fern Glen and Rock Glen
Gowen City : south of Shamokin, on Rte 125
Grand Tunnel : in Plymouth Township, between the borough of Plymouth and West Nanticoke. On the mountain overlooking US Route 11 and the Susquehanna River.
Grape Run : southwest of Hazleton. There was a reservoir here, and it was a favorite camping spot. There was also a breaker located here.
Gravity Hill : A cool optical illusion spot. Stop here, put your car in neutral, and you will appear to roll uphill. It really works! Located on Route 42, just south of Numidia. First unpaved road to the right as you start up the mountain (past a fruit stand).
Gravity Slope : in Lackawanna County; part of Archbald.
Graytown : just north of Port Carbon
Green Ridge (or "The Ridge") : also known as Strong. Another Green Ridge is located in Scranton (or Dunmore?), east of downtown and south of Providence.
Greenbury : (pronounced "Green Berry") north of Minersville, between Duncott and Heckscherville.
Greenfields : between Branchdale and Forestville
Greenwood : between Minooka and Avoca. Site of some of the best low-bushed blueberries, (i.e. huckleberries), in the Scranton area.
Greytown : Fifth Street in Schoentown, just north of Port Carbon. A.k.a. the capital of Schoentown.
Grier City : part of Barnesville
Ground Hog Hollow : the section of Quakake you get into once you cross the railroad tracks heading toward Delano
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