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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Hacklebarney (aka Hackleburny, Hackleberny) : heading into Jim Thorpe from Summit Hill. Used to be a run-down section of Jim Thorpe, but now has some very nice homes.
Haddock : near Lofty. Also known as "Haddocktown". Famous many years ago for a certain gentleman's club named "Bernice's".
Hanover : Section of Nanticoke. Also known as Rhone.
Harleigh : on Rte 940, just northeast of Hazleton. Site of the Jeddo Breaker. Is this the same place as "Harleysville"?
Harley Springs : west of Minersville.
Harwood Mine : where old Rte 924 ends near Humboldt. Now called "Harwood".
Hauto : between Nesquehoning and Hometown on Rte 54.
Hazle Park : once a beautiful amusement park in West Hazleton. The ice skating pond is still there, next to Hazle Park Meats.
Hazle Village : south of Hazleton on Rte 309.
Hazlebrook : between Ebervale and Hazleton. Follow East Diamond Ave toward Freeland.
Heckscherville : between Minersville and Buck Run, about 3 miles outside of Minersville. Also known as the "Irish Valley" ?
The Heights : many towns have a "suburb" named "the Heights", e.g. Shenandoah Heights, Marion Heights, Hazleton Heights.
Helfenstein : just southwest of Mowry, right on the border of Schuylkill and Northumberland Counties.
High Acres : site of the Penn State Hazelton campus.
Highland : between Jeddo Boro and Eckley, near Rte 940.
The Hill Section : East Scranton, between Dunmore and Roaring Brook.
Hilldale : The Capital of Plains, PA. Hilldale was a 3 street mining town, north of Plains, located just before Inkerman. It has since grown into a major section of Plains Township. Hilldale: Not a Place, but a way of life.
Hill's Patch : outside Mahanoy City. Birthplace of Jumpin' Joe Dugan of the 1927 New York Yankees.
Hill's Terrace : about a half-mile outside Mahanoy City, on the road to Brandonville
Hillside : between Pottsville and Glennworth.
Hollars Hill : on old 924, between West Hazleton and Humboldt
Hollywood : In Hazle Township, just north of the Airport Beltway. Along the borders of Hazle & Butler Townships. Folklore has it that the name "Hollywood" is derived from a visitation one day by photographers from Life magazine who were conducting a pictorial history of life in the anthracite region. Locals dubbed the name "Hollywood" as they thought that their images were in demand by photo journalists, film makers, etc. (Anyone know if these pictures were ever printed?)
Hollywood is the birthplace of Sarah Knauss, born 1880. In 1998, she officially became the world's oldest person. Ms. Knauss died in Allentown in December, 1999 at age 119. See CNN story for more information.
Homesville : between Girardville and Ashland. Birthplace of Cardinal Dennis Dougherty, once Bishop of Philadelphia Diocese.
Honey Brook : next to McAdoo and Audenried, where Schuylkill meets Carbon and Luzerne Counties. Home to Jack Kehoe of the Mollie's in 1860's. The strike of 1897 which led to the massacre at Lattimer began here.
Honeypot : an area just west of the center of Nanticoke. It is literally a small, potlike depression in the hill with a cluster of houses and a firehouse with a bar/restaurant within it. Rumor has it Honeypot is named after the large number of honeybees that once inhabited the area.
the Honkey Patch : small section of North Scranton. Probably comes from the derogatory term hunky, as most of the population of Honkey Patch were from Northern Europe.
Hosensock : a "suburb" of Barnesville, just over the Vulcan from Mahanoy City.
Hudson : past Miners Mills, in Wilkes-Barre.
Hughestown : between Pittston, Pittston Township, Duryea and Avoca.
Humboldt : on Rte 924 (between Sheppton and Hazleton, near the industrial park?). This village has two streets: Front Street and Back Street.
Hundschtedle : the Dutch name for Minersville.
Hunter : on the Ashland Mountain, south of Holmesville; no longer exists. Supposedly the ruins are still there.
Huntersville : between Lavelle and Mowry. Just up the road from Reichwein's swimming pool. Parts of the two Huntersville Schoolhouses still remain (adjacent to the Christ Independent Church). One has been turned into a parsonage for the church, the other is a storage building for the Sunnyside Cemetery.
Hyde Park : northern part of West Scranton
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