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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Laflin : north of 315 on Laflin Road
Lake Hauto Patch : outside Nesquehoning. The highway here is called the "Hautobahn".
Lake Side : part of Barnesville
Lake View : part of Barnesville
Lanigans : 1. just over the hill from Shendo's East Centre Street (Rte 54) going towards Maple Hill (towards Mahanoy City). The wash house for the Maple Hill Colliery was located in Lanigans, about a quarter mile walk to the mine. Coming out of Shenandoah, go up the hill, then down, and Lanigans is at the bottom on the left side of the road. 2. patch within the Girardville borough limits. Is this correct?
Lansford : on Rte 209
Larksville : on the west side of the Wyoming Valley, across the river, just west of Wilkes-Barre.
Lattimer Mines : on PA 940 heading towards Freeland, but go straight instead of following 940 to Freeland. Jack Palance is from here.
Lavelle : west of Ashland, past Locust Dale. Formerly called "Salome" (a long time ago).
Lee Park : on the south edge of Wilkes-Barre, in Hanover Township
Upper Lehigh : just north of Freeland, in Luzerne County. Home to a breaker (which one?) that burned down in the 1960's.
Liberty Hill : section of Mahanoy City north of the railroad.
Lincoln Patch : in Tremont Township
Little Mine Run : on the road between Big Mine Run and Centralia. Little Mine Run is (or used to be) two double homes located at the base of Ashland, directly behind the knitting mill at the bottom of town.
Llewellyn : west of Minersville on Rte. 209
Locust Dale : between Lavelle and Ashland
Locust Gap : between Ashland and Mt. Carmel, near Kulmount
Locust Valley : part of Barnesville
Lofty : northeast of Delano on Rte. 1016, halfway to Rte. 309, in Kline Twp. A bit south of Audenreid. The highest point in Schuylkill County (Bear Mountain) is on this road. Lofty is where the Catawissa Branch of the Reading Railroad went under the Lehigh, through a short tunnel. I - 81 goes over the top of the same tunnel now and the tunnel is still open, though the tracks are gone. There's a spring right at the tunnel entrance.
Long Row : part of Gilberton, near the Mahanoy Creek
Longview Terrace : in Butler Township, between Lavelle and Locust Dale / Ashland
Loomis Park : part of the Loomis Mine, north of Nanticoke. The last of the Loomis was torn down in the mid-1980's. Supposed to have had the deepest shaft in the valley, which sat behind Loomis Park where the miners lived. Route 29 now separates this area from the Park. The Loomis Mine was owned by the Glen Alden Coal Company (also called Blue Coal Company).
Lorraine : In Blythe Township, between Schoentown and Mill Creek (or between Saint Clair and Cumbola?) Off to the left up a dirt road in the area called 5Points near Cumbola. This patch no longer exists. It was in the area of Eagle Hill Colliery. At one time it was as large as some of the local towns.
Lost Creek : west of Lower Shaft on Rte 54
Lower Broadway : section of Nanticoke. Also known as Scalpintown or Scalpingtown. The area is the lower section of the street named Broadway in Nanticoke, very near the Nanticoke/West Nanticoke Bridge by the Susquehanna River. Lower Broadway is no longer inhabited, and none of the houses are still standing. It is a big field and a paved parking lot (The home of the Nanticoke Fair Days--an annual event every summer). Former home of Stadt's Store, Peggy Gmitters Pool Hall and the Riverside A. C. baseball team that played at Edgewater Park.
Luke Fidler : about one mile east of Shamokin, immediately north of the road to Mount Carmel.
Lykens : between Elizabethville and Tower City
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