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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Mable : somewhere in or around Ashland. Anyone know where?
Mackeysburg : north of Heckscherville
Mahanoy Plane : between Maizeville and Girardville
Maffets Patch : at the south end of Ashley, near the border with Preston (Hanover Twp.). Usually includes Cook, Fall, Coalville, and other streets in that part of Ashley.
Maizeville : between Mahanoy Plane and Gilberton
Maysville : between Kulpmont and Brady (Ranshaw)
Maple Dale : see Fisher's Patch
Maple Hill : between St. Nicholas and Ellen Gowan
Marion Heights : above Kulpmont. Coal was first discovered in this area in early 1897 by the Greenough Coal Company. The tract of land that was to become Marion Heights was owned by Eben and Mary GREENOUGH, of Philadelphia. The town was laid out by their son, William, in September, 1897. See also Kaiser
Marlin : (pronounced "Mar-LIN", accenting second syllable) near Minersville
Mary D : off 209 between Pottsville and Tamaqua; more specifically, between Newkirk and Brockton
Mauch Chunk, also Upper Chunk and East Chunk : (pronounced Mock-Chunk) Sometimes called just plain "Chunk". Not a patch; the former name of the town now called "Jim Thorpe". In the mid-1950's, the town was looking to attract industry. It struck a deal with the descendants of Jim Thorpe (the athlete) to have Mr. Thorpe buried in Mauch Chunk. The town agreed to erect a memorial to Jim Thorpe and to change their name from Mauch Chunk. Jim Thorpe did spend part of his youth in Pennsylvania. He played football at Carlisle Indian University.
Mayfield : in Lackawanna County. The "Round House" railroad repair yard is between Mayfield and Childs.
McAdoo : (pronounced MACK-adoo) On Rte 309 in the northernmost end of Schuylkill County. Formerly called Pleasant Hill and Sailor's Hill.
Mechanicsville : between Pottsville and Port Carbon
Merrian Patch : south of Mount Carmel, just over the mountain. Recently renamed to "Village of Merrian" by the State of PA.
Middle Creek : between Newtown (Zerbe) and Donaldson. The road to Middle Creek pretty much parallels Rte 209 and comes very near the former Indian Head Colliery. At one time a railroad spur ran there via Newtown. There may be a few houses still remaining.
Middletown : between Jeddo and Oakdale.
Middleport : On Rte 209, 8 miles equidistant from Pottsville to the west & Tamaqua to the east. Also 8 miles equidistant from Orwigsburg to the south and Mahanoy City to the north.
Midvale : between Port Bowkley and the Wilkes-Barre border, at the creek on So. River St. Also borders on Maffett St up to Mercer St.
Lower Mill Creek : south of Upper Mill Creek and west of the Port Carbon-St. Clair Hwy
Upper Mill Creek : about 1/2 mile south of St. Clair, between St. Clair and Port Carbon
Mill Creek Manor : past Mill Creek
Milnesville : (pronounced Melons-Ville) west of Lattimer and north of Hazleton, near the Hazleton Airport, just west of Route 309.
Miners Mills : in Wilkes-Barre, near Parsons. Annexed by the city of Wilkes-Barre sometime prior to 1948.
Minooka : In Lackawanna Township, adjacent to the southeasterly end of Scranton, into which it was incorporated a few years ago. Located on the ridge high above the Lackawanna River and straddles Rte. 11 going south out of Scranton. I-80 now runs along the opposite side of the ridge. The name is from the Lenape Indian tongue meaning "Good Earth". Home to many big league baseball players.
Mocanaqua : (pronounced mock-an-OCK-wa) just across the river from Shickshinny, on Rte 239.
Molasses Hill : between Wiggans and Boston Run; no longer exists
Mollystown : between Pine Grove and Joliet
Morea : (pronounced like Maria) between Frackville and the Vulcan, on the Morea Road
Morrisville : on South Centre Street in Pottsville, just before you get to Mount Carbon. Now part of Pottsville.
Mount Carbon : just south of Pottsville
Mount Carmel Estates : near Mt. Carmel (of course); adjoins Wilburton #1 along the County Line Road.
Mount Hope : northern section of Pottsville. Used to be an old colliery here.
Mount Lafee : (pronounced LAFF-ee). Was home to several "Molly Maguires", two of whom were hanged in Jim Thorpe. West of St. Clair, between Wadesville and Duncott, at the intersection with the road to Seltzer and Pottsville (Twp Hwy 628 and Rte 1006).
Mount Pleasant : next to Buck Run, Foster Twp., just off the Minersville Exit on I-81.
Mowry : southwest of Ashland, past Lavelle. Ok, it's bigger than a patch. Home of the shortest 18-hole golf course in Schuylkill County (par 66 or something)
Muddy Branch : near Branchdale
Muir : on Rte. 209 near Lykens and Tower City, in Porter Township
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