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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Oak Hill : near Duncott
Oakdale : between Middletown and West Oakdale
West Oakdale : between Oakdale and Stockton Road.
Oakland : between Ashland and Big Mine Run
Old Shawnee : see Plymouth.
Olyphant : Another town carved from the old Blakely Township just as coal was becoming the main industry in the area. The town was formerly known as Hull Town but was later renamed for an officer of the D&H Coal & Canal Company. Olyphant was the eventual terminus of the D&H Gravity Railroad.
Omidon Hill : a patch near Carbondale. Possibly derived from "omadhaun", a Gaelic word meaning "a fool". This word is used in ethnic Irish neighborhoods to describe a stupid or dumb person. Anyone know anything about this patch?
Oneida : about 2 miles northwest of Sheppton
Orwin : near Muir, in Porter Township. Just south of Reinertown.
Overlook : just over the railroad tracks from Weigh Scales
Owl Creek : (pronounced "Owl Crick", of course) on Rte 309, just south of Tamaqua.
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