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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Paine's Patch (or Payne's Patch?) : behind the dike which is behind the present day houses on the Pringle side of Union Street (Rte 309) in Pringle.
Palo Alto : ("Pally Alta" or "Pally") outside Pottsville
Pardeesville : north "across the strippings" from Lattimer. Also known as Number Two.
Park Crest : part of Barnesville
Park Place : between Delano and Mockanoy City
Parsons : in Wilkes-Barre, start at Kidder and Scott Streets. Everything to the east along Scott St. was Parsons, until you got to Miners Mills. This patch became part of the city of Wilkes-Barre sometime prior to 1948. Parsons kids had two elementary schools in the 1950s. One was S&S (Soldiers and Sailors) on Mill St. The other was Calvin School on the hill above Scott St. near the creek. Both buildings as still standing.
Parvins Hill : west of St. Clair, on the right before Arnot's Addition.
Patriotic Hill : behind St. Nicholas breaker between Shendo and Mahanoy City
Pattersonville : between Shenandoah and Ringtown.
Paxinos : (pronounced "pack-SINE-us") On Rte. 61 about a mile or two north of Weigh Scales. Known for the original 15-cent hamburger stand and Durdoch's Beer Distributor. Located where Rte 487 to Elysburg and Knoebels begins/ends.
Peach Mountain : not a town, but a mountain past Duncott, overlooking St. Clair on the way to Pottsville. The Dark Water patch is located on the top of this mountain.
Phelps Patch : in Taylor, Lackawanna County.
Phinneyille : (pronounced "Feeney-ville") about two miles past Brandonville, before Sheppton, on a back road off Rte. 924
Phoenix Park : near Llewellyn
Pine Hill : near Duncott; north of Jonestown, north of Minersville. Site of the Pine Hill Colliery.
Pine Knot : just west of Primrose; named for the Pine Knot Colliery. Between Duncott and Heckscherville.
Pinkash : between Drifton and Freeland (in Foster Twp, Luzerne County)
Pittston : Between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Home of the famous "Pittston Tomato Festival".
Plains : outside Wilkes-Barre
Pleasant Hill : a former name for McAdoo. Also a patch outside of Mahanoy City, on the road to Delano. Later called "Glendon".
Pleasant Valley : the old name for Avoca.
Plymouth : pronounced "Plimmit". Located on the west side of the Wyoming Valley, across the river, just west of Wilkes-Barre. Not really a patch; a pretty good size town by Coal Region standards. Also called Old Shawnee.
Port Carbon : a canal coal barge port, east of Pottsville.
the Pottsy Hill : not a patch, just a road that goes from Mahanoy City to the Morea Road, running behind the Township high school. A great hill for riding bikes or sleigh riding.
Powder Mill : at the foot of the Flicker, east of Girardville
Preston Hill : north of Girardville
Pringle : a suburb of Wilkes-Barre. Near Luzerne, Edwardsville, Larksville, Swoyersville, and Kingston.
Primrose : two miles west of Minersville on Rte 901. Until 1966, Primrose was the home site of the Cass Township High School. Cass football teams of 1958 and 1959 went on a two year winning streak of 18 consecutive games while holding their all their opponents scoreless. The record stands to this day in the PIAA annals of Pennsylvania High School Football accomplishments. During that time, the total high school population was a mere 250 students strong. Today, the students of the now defunct Cass Township School District attend Minersville Area High School.
Providence : North Scranton
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