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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Ramtown : "the capital of Phoenix Park", just north of Llewellyn
Ranshaw : see Brady
Rappahannock (the Rap) : between The Foot and Girardville
Rausch Creek : between old exits 32 and 33 on Interstate 81. This patch was razed with the construction of I-81.
Raven Run : on top of the mountain between Lost Creek and Shenandoah Heights. Site of the Raven Run Reservoir.
Ravine : between Tremont and Pine Grove
Rea's Hill : on West Park St. in Centralia. No longer exists.
Reevesdale : a row of 6 double-block houses between Tamaqua and Tuscarora, along route 209.
Reinerton : east of Tower City on Rte 209
Reliance : on Locust Mountain in Mount Carmel.
Reynolds : south of Tamaqua. Has about 15 houses. Located about a half mile south of Clamtown on the old Atlas road. The Atlas Powder Company used to manufacture dynamite at the end of this road.
Richards : on the old road between Mount Carmel and Marion Heights Now it is a huge strippin' pit.
Rhone : See Hanover.
Robinson's Patch : between Mahanoy City and Park Place
Rocktown (or Rauchtown) : former name for Lavelle; quote: "Yer as fulla sh*t as a Rocktown goose!" Anyone know the derivation of this saying?
Rock Glen : outside Nuremberg, next to Fern Glen
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