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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Sagon Upper and Lower : in Coal Township, on the back road from Marion Heights to the Antra Plaza in Shamokin. Upper Sagon is up the hill (on the mountain behind Kulpmont). Lower Sagon is on the road between Coal Run and Marion Heights. Upper Sagon is also known as Hickory Ridge.
Sailor's Hill : a former name for McAdoo
St. Nicholas : between Shendo and Mockanoy City. Two houses remain, plus the church. Also known as Suffolk.
Salem Row : near Silverton (no longer exists)
Sandy Run : between Freeland and White Haven
Scalpintown : see Lower Broadway
Scatter Patch : near Scotch Hill
Schaeffer's Hill : an old mining village just north of Minersville.
Schellhammersville : south of Tamaqua, outside (or inside?) New Ringgold.
Schuylkill Park : Original name for Dream City.
Schoentown : (pronounced "Shane-town") just north of Port Carbon. Turn left on Fourth/Fifth Street as you enter Port Carbon on the road from St. Clair.
Scotch Hill : See Youngstown.
Scranton Patch : Located off Rte 115 in Wilkes-Barre, now just below Exit 1 of the Cross Valley Expwy. Up the hill from Parsons, behind the Calvin School. Consisted of about 12 houses. All were demolished for highway construction sometime around 1980. The Mineral Spring Colliery was in this area. Scranton Patch was located at the base of Slaba's Hill, perhaps to the east. May also be known as "Evans Patch".
Seek : the capital of Coaldale. Known as "Gary Town" in the 1800's.
Seltzer City : between Pottsville and Minersville. Recently renamed by the state to "Seltzer".
Seven Stars : just south of Pottsville, off Rte 61, by the Indian Head rock.
Shanty (Upper and Lower): victims of the Centralia minefire. Collectively known as "the Shanties", and also known as Byrnesville. A lone garage and a grotto of the Virgin Mary are all that remain.
Lower Shaft : between Shendo and Lost Creek on Route 54; just west of Upper Shaft; also known as William Penn
Upper Shaft : west of Shendo on Route 54, before Lower Shaft; also known as William Penn
Shaft Hill : in St. Clair. To the left of Arnot's Addition.
Shantytown : in Jenkins Township, south of Main Street, near Casey Kassa's Coal Company.
Sheatown : a little area west of the center of Nanticoke
Shenandoah Junction : somewhere in or around Shenandoah. Anyone know where this patch is (or was) ?
Sheppton : just south of Hazleton; for some reason, people from Hazleton refer to Sheppton as "Sheppton by Oneida". See also Sheppton Mine Cave-In.
Sheridan : west of Tower City on Rte 209.
Shoefly : on Rte 209 between Cumbola and New Philadelphia
Shoemakers : between Bowman's Patch and Park Place; site of the Molly Maguires hanging
Silkworth : lake and village north of Nanticoke
Silver Creek : behind New Philadelphia. Continue out Water St. in New Philly.
Silverbrook : off Rte 309
Silverton : near Llewellyn, at the base of the Sharp Mountain. This town no longer exists.
Sin City : in Hazle Township, on Rte 309 between Hazleton and McAdoo. Only one house left in Sin City.
Skintown : between Coaldale in Schuylkill County and Lansford in Carbon County. This patch got its name from the coverings that were used as windows in the shacks. The coverings were made of goat skin and gave off a terrible smell, especially during the summer months.
Skipper's Island : not really a patch, but an area in the extreme eastern part of McAdoo. Roughly from Lincoln Street down to the side street between Blaine and Grant, all the way over to where Schuylkill meets Carbon County. So named because during heavy rains or when the snow melts, parts of Blaine, Lincoln, and Grant streets get flooded and become impassable. The area was originally part of Kline Township until the late 1940s/early 1950s, when it was annexed by the borough.
Skunktown : the former name for Carey's Patch.
Slaba's Hill : East Main St betweeen the Miners Mill's Section of Wilkes-Barre and Plains.
Slabtown : in Columbia County, just over the Little Mountain from Ringtown, near Ideal Park
Slackersville : a strippin', near Beaver Brook. Dates to the 1920's, at least.
Slocum and Slocum Corners : small villages in the mountains between Nanticoke and Hazelton
Slope Street : lower end of Drifton, across Rte. 940.
Smoketown : 1) across the tracks from Edgewood, on the back road to Adamsdale. Site of the casket company. Also home to the dirt-floored Smoketown Playground. 2) west of Conyngham in Luzerne County. Going down Rte 93 about a quarter of a mile up from Conyngham Builders, it was to the west of the highway. Existed at the turn of the century, but the town has not been around for many years.
Snyders : south of Tamaqua. Located about 4 miles from Clamtown, near New Ringgold.
Spring Crest : just south of Fountain Springs, on Route 61
Spring Side : part of Locust Gap, south of Rte 901
Springfield : section of Coal Township/Shamokin, behind the Ames store on Rte 61 on the hill
Stable Row : runs parallel to Long Row in Gilberton
Stearns Station : a group of 8 double block homes and one single home for the colliery superintendent. The patch was owned by the Susquehanna Colliery #6 shaft. Located in Newport Twp, about 3 miles from Nanticoke. (About half way between Nanticoke and Glen Lyon.) This patch was razed sometime in the 1950's to allow the land to be strip mined.
Steckley's Corner : near Deep Creek and Weishample in Barry Twp, Schuylkill County.
Stein's Mill : before Branchdale on Rte. 209
Still Creek : between Hometown And McAdoo. Where "Walt's Drive-In" is (soft ice cream and a bucket of balls). Also known as Ginthers.
Stockton 6,7,8 : patches between Freeland and Hazleton
Stockton Mines : between Ebervale and Hazleton. Follow East Diamond Ave toward Freeland.
Stony Point : Spruce Street in western Mahanoy City adjacent to the West End ball park (later auto race track) and the old Mahanoy schoolhouse.
Store Patch : near Lost Creek. As you come into Lost Creek from Shenandoah, go straight instead of turning to the right where St. Mary's church used to be.
Storm Hill : a row of company homes (near some culm banks) on Rte 309/115, just about where the large shopping center with Price Chopper, Pharmoor, Hometown Buffet, etc. now stands. The houses were in very bad shape; torn down probably in the late 1950's.
Strong : on Route 61, between Atlas and Kulpmont
Suscon : Between Dupont and Bear Creek. "Where the screamer howls"????
Suffolk : another name for St. Nicholas patch.
Sugar Notch : (aka "The Notch") in Luzerne County
Summit Hill : on Sharpe's Mountain, between Mauch Chunk and Lansford. Founded in 1892 by Philip Ginther. Coal was discovered in this town in the 1880's and helped launch the area's coal mining industry. Summit Hill was once in "Ripley's Believe It or Not" because it had one block that had a church on each of the four corners, facing the four directions of the world. One of the churches was converted into a bar - St. Gabriel's Italian Club.
Summit Station : outside of Auburn, in Schuylkill County. At the intersection of Rte 183 and Rte 895. Just south of Lake Wynonah. Location of the Schuylkill County Fairgrounds.
Sunnyside : on Route 61, south of Paxinos
Swamp Poodle : (pronounced "Shwamp Poodle") near Forestville; this town no longer exists.
Swatara : west of Branchdale and south-east of Newtown, in the corner created by Rte 209 and Rte 25. Swatara Creek starts here. The Swatara Coal Company still digs here today, though no one lives here anymore. Supposedly you can find foundations and collapsing buildings in the forest.
Sweet Island : somewhere near Minersville. Anyone know where this is?
Swoyersville : take Rte 11 into Forty-Fort and turn onto Slocum Street. Follow Slocum Street until you reach the top of it. At the top, you will be turning right onto Main Street, Swoyersville. (also known as; "The Back Road") Only about thirty yards on the right is where the Harry E breaker stood (torn down in the late 1990's). Swoyersville was at one time home to several coal breakers. Directly across the street was an old dirt road that used to lead to Hollywood Patch.
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