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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Taggertsville : on Rte 309 between Hometown and Tamaqua
Tamanend : near Quakake
Taylor : in Lackawanna County. See Taylor web page.
Taylorville : somewhere around Ashland. Anyone know where?
Teaberry Hill : part of Norwegian Twp, annexed to Minersville several years ago. Between Minersville and Seltzer City.
Tharptown : another name for the Uniontown section of Shamokin/Coal Township; just north of Shamokin proper on Route 61. Tharptown is on the way to Weight Scales, past the largest pile of mine waste in America because it was the location of the huge Glen Burn colliery. From a viewer: Tharptown was at one end of a strech of crik and named after the Tharp family. The other end was called Gass (or Goss) Town after the Gass family. The name was changed whe a Tharp married a Gass.
Thomaston : on the north side of mine hill, at the end of the macadam road up from the Clover Fire co. in Heckscherville. Is this the same place as "Thomasville" ?
Throop : Carved from Dickson City Borough in the late 1800's. Another important coal mining town north of Scranton. The town has a population of approx. 4,000 and is named after Dr. Benjamin Throop, M.D. Dr. Throop (silent "h") was a physician and early developer of the entire Scranton area.
Tomhicken : between High Acres and Fern Glen. Home of "the Kettle", a favorite hunting spot.
Tower City : On Rte 209 at the western edge of Schuylkill County.
Trathens, Trathens Hill : outside (or inside?) Little Mine Run. A short but very steep hill connecting Market Street (?) and Little Mine Run Road, at the bottom of Ashland. Trathen's Hill ends at the back end of the knitting mill. A great hill for sleigh riding. Named for the people who lived in the house on the slope of the hill, Mr. & Mrs. Trathen.
Trenton : between Delano and Park Place, outside Mahanoy City
Tresckow : between Hazleton and Beaver Meadows, past Jeanesville. Home of the "21 Slope" mine.
Trevorton : west of Shamokin
Tweedville : near Forestville
Tucker Hill : actually "in the bush" of New Philadelphia
Tuscarora : about 4 miles west of Tamaqua on Rte 209, halfway between Tamaqua and Middleport, at intersection of Rte 209 and SR 1013. Most of the town is built on top of a sinkhole.
Turkey Run : south of Shenandoah, on Rte 924
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