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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Wadesville : west of St. Clair
Wanamie : a small village west of Nanticoke
Warrior Run : a patch about one mile southwest of Sugar Notch on the Lehigh Valley Railroad
Watinski's Villa : small Patch in Hanover Twp. off I-81
Weigh Scales : just north of Tharptown, around the "Brewery Curve" on Rte. 61. Named so because there was a very large balance scale capable of weighing entire railroad cars as they were slowly rolled over it, one at a time. The building housing this scale was directly opposite the current Wayside Inn.
Welsh Company : a single row of homes located between New Mines St. and "School Row" in Branchdale. Owned by the Welsh Coal Company who later removed the homes to mine the coal underneath them.
Welsh Hill : right next to Maffets Patch.
West Nanticoke : area over the Susquehanna River from Nanticoke. Location of Stokey's Barbecue.
West West Terrace : between Pottsville and Llewellyn, where the Blu Tavern restaurant is.
Weston : east of Nuremburg
Weston Place : just past Chendo Heights
White Bear : at the foot of Sharpe's Mountain, heading toward Jim Thorpe. The was an inn at the foot of the mountain with a white bear painted on the side, and the name stuck.
White City : Former name of Dream City
Wiconisco : in Northern Dauphin County, across the Wiconisco Creek from Lykens, at the gap between the Short and Broad Mountains. Residents are known as "Gappers".
Wiggans : (pronounced wig-GANNS) between Shendo and Mockanoy City. Next to Boston Run.
Wilburton #1 and #2 : Off a road that branches off Rte 61 as you're going east toward Mt. Carmel; the road intersects with Rte 42 at Aristes. Also known as Midvalley. There was a famous airplane crash here in 1948. It occurred up the road from here, toward Aristes. Several celebrities were aboard the plane, including Earl Carroll, head of the Vanities showgirls troupe, a number of showgirls, and the wife of actor (?) Jack Oakie. The plane hit a high-tension wire. Witnesses say there were body parts all over the place, which were then buried in St. Ignatius Cemetery in Centralia.
Wildcat : east of Preston Hill and northeast of Girardville. Also known as "the Bastie" One of the Molly Maguires' victims is buried in Wildcat cemetery.
William Penn : see Shaft
Williamstown : on Rte 209 at the easternmost edge of Dauphin County. Site of the Williamstown, Big Lick, Susquehanna, and Summit Branch collieries.
Willow Lake : in north Manheim Township, between Seven Stars and Schuylkill Haven. Had some kind of lake, which then became a public pool. Pool shut down in late 1980's. Roller skating and dances years ago. The pool is now a parking lot.
Winfield Patch (or Whitfields Patch??) : between Middleport and Brockton
Winton : the former name for Jessup; or is Winton a separate town near Jessup?
Woodland Heights : on the high road, above Big Mine Run between Girardville and Ashland.
Woodside : between Forestville and Buck Run
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