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Coal Towns
Towns, Villages, Patches in the Coal Region
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Yatesville : take Rte 54 out of Shendo, going toward Mockanoy City. Before you get to the St. Nicholas breaker, a road on the left takes you to Yatesville.
York Farm : Adjacent to Mount Hope, accessible from the road between Pottsville and Mar-Lin.
York Tunnel : leaving School Row in Branchdale, on the way to Forestville
Yorktown : in Hazle Township, on Rte 309 between Hazleton and McAdoo. All that remains is a pump house and about three houses.
Yorkville : the 7th ward of Pottsville, in the west end of town. Annexed by the city in the late 1800's.
Youngstown : Also known as "Scotch Hill". Between Freeland and Drifton. Site of the Young Mansion.
Zehners : a patch of houses between South Tamaqua and West Penn.
Zerbe : (pronounced Zer-bee) see Newtown
Ziggy's Dam : hidden in Brandonville. More fish per square foot than any other body of water in the state.
Zion Grove : on Rte 339 north of Ringtown. Means "Heaven's Garden". According to my Mother, "the most beautiful spot on Earth".
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