Motivated by our love for arts and culture, we have a mission to support the companies and artists within them. We strive to create a relationship of mutual trust, providing them with the freedom to grow and develop in their field. We understand the importance of finding a company's own voice and providing them with the necessary support, both at an institutional level and in finding their audience.

We offer services in show production, grant management, and participation in events. Our distribution area covers both Catalonia and other regions of the world. We value long-term relationships and offer personalized treatment to both artists and professionals interested in hiring their shows.

With extensive experience in the creation, production, communication, and dissemination of live arts, we work with a carefully selected group of trusted companies, committing ourselves to become their accomplices and travel companions for their growth and expansion.

Show production

Do you have an idea for a new show? We can help you bring it to fruition!

Do you need support managing a tour? Let us know!

Grant management

Applying for grants and justifying them can be a tedious job.

We can do it for you! We have experience with grants from ICEC, OSIC, Institut Ramon Llull, INAEM...


Selling shows is often complicated for creative and artistic individuals.

We can help you!

What do you need?

We are open to new proposals and collaborations, even if they take us off the beaten path!

Send us your proposal and we'll try to make it happen.


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