KL'AA, your song

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Family audicence: 0-5 y/o


Mid-sized format

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Outside of Spain

A musical journey of the childood towards the discovery of the world. A visual and sound experience through the voice for babies (0 to 5 years) and their families.

FETEN AWARD for the best show for young children. Nominated for the MAX AWARDS.


KL'AA, which means "singing" in the Hadzabe language, is a musical journey of the childood in the discovery of the world. A visual and sound experience through voice and song. It highlights the voice as a foundation of human presence, as a vehicle of identity. It is through the voice, feeling through our body, that we become more human, better people. 

The show was built thanks to the sounds, the sounds that a baby makes to communicate. From here comes our music.

Artistic Team

Original idea: Esther Westermeyer

Author: Esther Westermeyer and Claudia Moreso

Performers: Laia Piró/ Anna Alborch, Neus Umbert/Mònica Vives and Esther Westermeyer

Director: Clàudia Moreso

Music composition and direction: Viv Manning

Scenic design: Martí Doy

Sound environment: Àlex Cabrer

Sound & Lighting Technician: Guillem Bonfill

Lighting design: Guillem Bonfill

Graphic Design: Laia Carrera i Xavier Serrahima

Photography: Ana Zaragoza Bermejo

Video: Ricardo Salas

Production: Inspira Teatre


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