Mistela, Candela, Sarsuela

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Musical theater

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Three zarzuelas in one. Fresh, comic, and rhymed. Pitarra, Vidal, and Valenciano return to the stage as contemporary classics to make us forget our sorrows.

The show advocates for local theater. In the memory of Catalan people, there must be figures like Pitarra. If the plays are not adapted and updated, these authors and their magnificent heritage will disappear from the public imagination.

4 nominations to the BUTACA AWARDS!


Four actors and a musician, drinkers of mistela, create a zarzuela of entanglements in a tailoring shop: Corina awaits her prince charming, but her mother plans for her to marry Don Mateu, an old acquaintance of the Seamstress; the Seamstress falls for Titus, Maria's fiancé... Tailors, doctors, and woes spice up the dish within the versatility of a musical comedy.

Artistic team

Original idea: Marta Borràs and Mireia Lorente-Picó

Direction: Gemma Sangerman

Dramaturgy: Sílvia Navarro, Gemma Sangerman and Epidèmia Teatre

Arrangements, musical direction and pianist: Joel Riu

Cast: Aida Llop, Mireia Lorente-Picó, Lluís Oliver, Joan Sáez

Coreography: Anna Rosell

Set design and lighting: Sergi Cerdán

Set design and costumes: Mariona Signes

Assistant director: Ariadna Coll

Production: Cristina Ferrer and Epidèmia Teatre

Makeup: Anna Marquès

Sound effects: Adrià Aubert


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