Sotabosc, life beneath the trees

Basic information

Family audience, from 1 y/o


Mid-sized format

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It is an invitation to reconnect with the nature through active listening and games, and to feel that we belong there.

FETEN AWARD for the best show for young children. MOSTRA D'IGUALADA AWARD  for the best show for young children. Candidate for the MAX AWARDS.


The forest is a wonderful place, a place of belonging, where we can explore and play with our friends. The treasures which we will encounter in this enchanted world are limitless, if only we are open to listen, see, smell and feel the magic of the live forests.

It is a very evocative show, a composition of textures which stimulates the audience's creativity. Children will leave inspired, full of ideas which will later shape their play, especially in natural environments. The show intends to connect culture with nature and our environment, with our forests. Nature is our home, it is where we belong. Only by knowing and feeling that we are part of it, we can learn to love it and take care of it.

Artistic Team

Original idea: Esther Westermeyer

Actresses: Laia Piró, Neus Umbert/Maria Caselles and Esther Westermeyer

Direction: Clàudia Moreso

Music direction and composition: Viv Manning

Lighting Design: Guillem Bonfill

Sound and lighting technician: Guillem Bonfill

Setting: Xavier Erra

Scenography construction: Taller Jorba-Miró

Costumes: Rosa Solé

Production: Inspira Teatre

Executive Production: Gemma Ros

Co-production: FIM Vila-seca. Fira de música emergent i familiar.

Video: Arian Botey (Videostudi)

Photography: Ana Zaragoza Bermejo and Txus Garcia Roca

Special thanks: Bernat Erra, Jan Erra, Àlex Cabrer


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