Esperando a Will
un musical shakespeariano

Basic information

Family audience, from 5 y/o


Indoors and outdoors

Mid-sized format

Spanish or Catalan


Global, except Madrid and Castilla-León

The show is a metaphorical journey through the emotions, feelings, and events that shape a human life from birth to death. Drawing from the works of Shakespeare, absurd theater, and clowning.


Three clowns have gathered at night in a lonely place to rehearse a tragedy written by Will, the fourth member of the company, who has not yet arrived. While they wait for their friend, the three characters will reflect on the deepest themes of existence, portraying the human condition through music, humor, and theater within theater. And of course, there will be some shimmying to make it clear that, in the end... life is a wonderful comedy!

Artistic Team

Text and lyrics of the songs: Toni Sans and Rubèn Montañá (based on the works of William Shakespeare)

Music: G. Verdi, W. A. Mozart, P. Attaignant, C. O. Nicolai, Ch. Gounod, O. di Lasso, and A. Thomas.

Stage direction and choreography: Toni Sans

Musical direction and arrangements: Albert Mora

Cast: Anna Alborch, Rubèn Montañá, Llum Pérez

Lighting design and technical production: Albert Pastor

Lighting and sound technician: Oriol Pino/Albert Pastor/Martí Guerrero

Sound space and musical recording: Albert Mora

Set design and props: EGOS petits and Xavi Erra

Characterization: EGOS petits

Costume design: Maria Santallusia

Tailoring: Carol Blesa

Graphic design: Rubén Montañá

Photography: Laura Guerrero, David Ruano

Video: Marc Costa Films


Acknowledgments: Tina Sans, Ana Iglesias, Pere Villaró, Ramón Ribalta, María Hinojosa, Joan Rigat, Gemma Amorós, Marta Rosell, José Pedro Garcia, Daniel Escobar, and Josep Maria Sans.


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